Why Pain Should Be a Salesperson’s Best Friend

“So why doesn’t that prospect buy from me?” Short answer: It’s too comfortable for them not to. There’s always a temptation to stick to what you know. The same breakfast, the same holiday destination, the same terrible broadband supplier. For many prospects, whatever their experience with an unreliable incumbent or an ageing product, they have […]

How Globalization Is Affecting Accounting in the US

Globalization has led to most countries following and teaching principles of IFRS. United States based companies follow the rules of GAAP which causes complications for United States companies that want to do business internationally. Both practices of accounting provided useful and accurate interpretations of a company’s financial situation. However comparing a financial statement that was […]

3D Printing and Medicine – How They Create Amazing Innovations

Ever since it evolved from an early prototype that was nearly abandoned to a widespread marketplace available for any consumer, 3D printing has been helpful in some facet of nearly every domain. Researchers can use it to conveniently form unique designs, clothing manufacturers can both mass-produce whole lines of clothing and prototype more intricate articles […]

5 Main Benefits of GIS Application Development

GIS applications are contributing greatly in the real world. There is a growing interest and awareness in the value of GIS; companies with expertise in Gis are now growing rapidly. Any application which is fulfilling the Business needs or solving problems are considered to be valuable. Same goes on with development of GIS applications; it […]

How We Modernize EDI Process With Industry-Specific EDI Transactions?

Ever since EDI has ear-marked its first appearance in industrial landscape, it has proven its major value to businesses across all verticals, equally. From streamlining business processes to diminishing business process costs to even augmenting efficiency and accuracy, it has done it all. However, still the greatest of the EDI transaction benefits often comes in […]

What’s Holding You Back From Growing?

WHEN DOES IT MAKE SENSE TO FINALLY USE A PRACTICE CONSULTANT AND COSMETIC PATIENT MARKETING, SPECIALIST… ESPECIALLY IF YOU’VE TRIED EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE PAST? If you’re even considering hiring a consultant then it probably makes sense to hire the RIGHT consultant assuming you’re crystal clear on what you are wanting to accomplish and here’s […]