Why do so few companies have video testimonials from their clients on their websites? Why don’t I? There is absolutely no cost or technology barrier anymore. So what’s our excuse?

It might not look good enough. A good heartfelt moment trumps technical quality any day. Go back and look at your home movies if you don’t believe me.

My B2B clients might not be willing to do it. Ask them, you’ll find out what you already knew in your heart, they’ll usually be happy to do it if their company would permit it.

I’m not sure what to say, or have them say. Forget video for now, go get someone to help you mine or craft a good reference letter and testimonial with them first.

We have too many other things going on. You’ll always have too many other things going on. Once you get a video, it’s done and you can use it again and again.

We don’t want our competitors seeing who our clients are. Want to keep your competition at bay from your clients? Let them see how thrilled your clients are with you and they won’t waste their time. And believe me your competitors can find out who your clients are whether you put them on video or not.

Ask any B2B professional services company how they get the majority of their business and they will usually reply “word of mouth referrals.” So why on earth would we not be leveraging one of the most sustainable and powerful ways to capture and distribute word of mouth referrals?

What’s your excuse? What can we do to overcome our excuses and fears?

The challenge: By any means necessary, get at least two clients on video that your sales people can use at some point during the buying process. If you cannot or will not do this, it’s probably a surefire symptom of some serious underlying problems that are keeping your business from thriving.

Even moreso for B2B travel, giving your clients the opportunity to visually experience the product you’re selling through video gives you the advantage when marketing and promoting your brand. If you can’t properly sell your brand to a potential client, then how can you expect to sell it to the end consumer?

Every day you let a prospective customer leave your site without seeing your clients raving about you, is a potential lost opportunity.