If you’re even considering hiring a consultant then it probably makes sense to hire the RIGHT consultant assuming you’re crystal clear on what you are wanting to accomplish and here’s why…

You’re probably closer to winning than you might think.

Consider this…

You already did the hard part.

You put the blood, sweat, and tears into the tough training, setting up your practice, and building a reputation.

You already are dedicating energy, time, and money to improve.

You may not realize it, but that already makes you part of a fraction of 1% of the entire world who even has the discipline to do what you’ve done already.

It might seem like you’ve tried everything and failed but in reality, you’re at the 85-yard line.

Everybody knows and agrees that having a GOOD coach is critical to success:

You already know…

How valuable it is to know what successful practices do rise above their competitors;

How a new perspective can shed light on the practice gaps you’re not seeing;

How having a road map to lead you through the maze of practice-building

saves you countless hours and wasted time and money making mistakes…

BUT, there’s a problem…

Actually, there are several…

First of all, good consultants are extremely expensive but generally regarded as worth it.

The problem isn’t necessarily in the cost.

The problem is how do you know the consultant can actually help you?

How do you know that it even makes sense for you to hire a consultant in the first place?

How do you know even if the consultant may have a great track record for helping other aesthetic practices, how do you know they are going to be able to help YOU specifically?

First, let’s find out if it even makes sense for you to hire a consultant in the first place.



I want to be “successful” isn’t really a goal. Be specific.

We need to understand exactly what it is you want.

Do you know want to attract more cosmetic patients? If so, how many, by when?

Do you want better conversions? If so, by how much and by when?

Do you want better online reviews?

Do you want more word-of-mouth referrals?

Do you want more professional staff representing you? If so, how many and in what positions to make the biggest impact on your bottom line?


The idea that one thing is going to work for everyone is just silly.

Every single aesthetic practice is different.

They think differently. They have different needs.

That’s why finding the RIGHT consultant with a tailor-made program specifically for you makes the most sense. Think about this…

We make plans, we get motivated, we start taking action and then we stop.

Have you tried every ninja shiny object Internet trick and you STILL don’t have the results you want? Guess what?

That probably isn’t the answer… or the entire answer.

Have you tried mass advertising campaigns aggressive advertising salespeople pressured you for, saying this will make you a celebrity?

Again, That probably isn’t the answer… or the entire answer

It doesn’t mean the Internet and salespeople are bad, it just means it’s not for you.

Sure, they’ll help a little but that’s not enough. Something is missing.

They are NOT going to take you to the 100-yard line or else, you would already be there.


Think about it, as a cosmetic surgeon in private practice, you most likely feel alone a lot of the time.

Like you are the only one who really cares about the health of your practice.

Like nobody around you understands the pressure of running a cosmetic surgery practice in today’s world.

You are not supposed to be alone.

We are all supposed to collaborate and work together to solve problems.

Very few breakthroughs in the history of mankind have ever been achieved by one person alone without help.

Even Einstein had help (his wife was a very good mathematician he consulted with a lot).

If you are clinging to the belief that you can do it yourself, then you should NOT hire a consultant.

However, if you want to collaborate with someone who “feels your pain” and has the answers, then this is for you…


First of all, I’m not like other consultants in our industry.

I don’t include fluff or any filler.

I don’t include untested processes and “theory” strategies – just the actual tested strategies I have used in aesthetic practices and with my own clients.

The tools are simple to learn.

Learning them is not the issue. I have taught these tools for 17 years in my Webinars, medical conference courses, and speaking engagements.

It’s applying the materials that can get more tricky. It’s when you take the ideas and put them to work in your practice that you might have some bumps in the road.

I know I can help you. Usually, it’s just a few tweaks that get you from missing the mark or the exact results you’re wanting.

I have used these exact processes and tools to help hundreds of other cosmetic surgeons and their staff to attract more patients, convert more consultations and build a successful aesthetic practice built on solid business principles.


It’s a system for feeling the peace of mind every day, consistently.

I’m not talking about feeling better for a few minutes.

I’m talking about feeling better all day and every day.

This simple and effective method doesn’t eliminate negative emotions from your life (you would never want that anyway since you want to grow). It simply teaches you how to manage it in a way that doesn’t compound it. If you have already learned the “How to Build a Cosmetic Practice” concepts and read books on the subject, but aren’t seeing the huge benefits yet, this is specifically designed for you.

With all due respect, this is not for the entitled or arrogant surgeon who knows it all.

This is for surgeons who…

Have a lot working for them but know they could be running a more streamlined and profitable practice;

Need a map of clarity so they have peace of mind knowing all systems (and staff) are working for the “good of the practice” and not just selfishly for themselves;

Know the gaps in their practice are costing them dearly.

If this sounds like you, this is exactly what you’re looking for.

Maybe you’re here because you are one of my 10,347 surgeons who follow me religiously through my live online training, blog, YouTube channel, Facebook page, speaking engagements, and email messages.

I have collected 20 years of experience working specifically with cash-paying cosmetic surgery practices so they get the most out of what they have built already and what they can build for a healthy and profitable future.


First, you will start to become more conscious in your practice. You will start to understand how much control you have over the experiences you encounter every day.

This is really important, because if you think your day is just happening to you, then the feeling of powerlessness you experience will prevent you from making the changes and distinctions you’re missing.

Second, you will gain peace of mind knowing you now have a plan to follow to get you where you always envisioned yourself to be: successful, profitable, and confident.

Oh, and in case you are wondering…

There is no catch!


We set the stage first:

– Your vision and goals to benchmark

– Your current assets to build from

– Your image-building strategies to Pre-Frame YOU as the BEST CHOICE

The Infrastructure:

– How phones are handled

– Software used to track and report your results

– Processes and protocols

The People:

– The right people in the right positions

– The right people trained to represent you professionally

– The right people who can convert callers and consultations

– Staff incentives and motivation

– Manage-by-metrics system

The Processes:

– The handling of leads

– Following up AFTER the consultation

– Protocol for before/after photos, reviews, and referrals

The Marketing:

– Your website and Internet presence

– Year-round marketing plan

– Social media plan

– Internal Marketing plan

– External Marketing plan


My fees are structured to give you the most value possible to ensure you not only identify the practice gaps you’re missing but also execute the solutions we deem necessary to fix them!

I am not here to waste your time or mine.

I will give you the maps and a full 60-days of support to help ensure the strategies get executed and you see traction building in way of better results and a smoother-running practice.


On-Site Assessment & Consulting = $5K down + $5K in 30 days + $5K in 60 days

Optional LIVE Full-Day Assessment = $3,500Why 60 days? Because too many consultants tell you WHAT to do and then disappear so you never actually put in place the vital processes that will move the needle for you.

I will stay with you to ensure you are set you up for success because I’ll map out the HOW to get things done and then ensure they happen.

My fee also includes hard-copy deliverables and supporting materials to reference in the future for you and your staff.

Take a minute to read the comments other surgeons had to say about working with me to take their practice to the next level and then let’s talk.

To avoid us wasting time going back and forth with phone messages, feel free to text me instead so we can set up a time to talk.

I sincerely look forward to working with you to fine-tune things for you so you have an effective patient plan, well-trained staff, and smooth-running processes for a more profitable cosmetic practice you enjoy!


Very well established, successful solo plastic surgery practice in very competitive area:

“Working with Catherine was truly an eye-opening experience and I had an epiphany. I now see my practice through the eyes of a businessman rather than as a surgeon trying to do everything myself to ensure it gets done. I know how to run a profitable practice; however, it was not without major staff issues, inefficiencies and unproductive drama. With Catherine’s guidance, I reorganized staff, set up processes for them to carry more of the workload and hold them accountable so I have more time to focus on patient care. The changes we put in place and the staff training to convert more callers and consultations will easily increase my revenues by 15% as well as save us time, money and costly mistakes. This has been a profitable and practice-changing investment that I wholeheartedly endorse for any surgeon who is ready to step up their game.”

Evan Sorokin, MD

Very well established, successful multi-surgeon plastic surgery practice in very competitive area:

“We engaged with Catherine for several reasons. While we run a very successful cosmetic practice, we are always open to discovering new ways to “better our best” in terms of staff, practice structure and processes. Given Catherine’s years of “best practice” study around the world, we thought her an excellent choice to help us re-imagine our practice.

Catherine was instrumental in setting up a new structure that made our large team of surgeons and staff work together more cohesively. She outlined a plan that put key metrics in place, gave us a clear plan to follow throughout the year and trained our staff to increase their conversions by at least 10%.

We immediately felt a renewed sense of optimism and enthusiasm for our growth.

Since engaging with Catherine, I’m happy to report that revenues are up 15% over the last three months – 22% in the last month alone!

I highly recommend Catherine’s consulting services to any practice looking for “best practice” additions to their operation. Her years of experience allow her to bring outside eyes to your practice, recognize what’s off, and recommend concrete actionable plans for improvement.”

Robert Sigal, MD, President, Austin-Weston – Reston, VA

Facial Plastic Surgery/Dermatology Practice Wanting to Grow Cosmetic Surgery Side of Practice:

“We have been very pleased with our relationship with Catherine. her recent evaluation and recommendations for our practice have been extremely helpful. Her experience enabled her to accurately evaluate our practice in its current situation and identify potential for growth. Her interaction with our staff has been tremendous. She has concrete ideas for marketing our practice, ideas that we can implement immediately. We would recommend her service without hesitation.”

Jerold J. Olson, MD – AZ

ENT Surgeon Opening a MedSpa Within His Practice:

“We were opening up a cosmetic center in our ENT practice and I needed help figuring out how to profitably grow a cosmetic practice NOW- not years from now. However there were so many different options and I was getting pulled in so many directions that I knew I needed someone with experience, in working with practices like ours, who could give me a road map to lead me through the maze to save me time and money.

I chose Catherine because I heard her speak at a medical conference and she was entertaining, knowledgeable, and passionate about helping surgeons grow the cosmetic side of their practice. I also read her book and that solidified my trust in her.

Catherine turned into my “aesthetic coach” who gave me direction and kept me from wasting money when it came to offering specific procedures, technology, and devices. She kept me focused on investing in things proven to grow the bottom line so I got a lot more bang for my buck than I would have on my own. I am grateful to Catherine for sharing her time and talents with us. Although I originally balked at her fees, I quickly learned how much more value we got from the expertise that saved us a tremendous amount of time and money that would have been wasted. I highly recommend using Catherine’s coaching and consulting services if you want to do it right the first time.”

David Hartman, MD – VA

Established, Successful Solo-Surgeon Plastic Surgery Practice:

“Catherine, sorry for the delayed response. Things have evolved a bit differently from when we last talked. Yes, last year did turn out well and you and I discussed some of your other suggestions that we had implemented but I expressed that we didn’t see the effect we had hoped for and so you and I discussed some other strategies on tweaking the right message, right audience, right medium.

I still have yet had time to follow up on implementing the additional, new strategies we discussed in our last phone call. However, I felt the need to reach out and follow up with you because, as it turns out, the suggestions we had implemented that I complained we hadn’t seen any results from… well, I was wrong.

In the first quarter this year, our earnings from cosmetic surgery are up 96% over one year ago( last year was slower than usual first quarter) and 44% from our prior best first quarter ever!

This increase in revenue was achieved by only adding a few additional patients over that quarter-better patients, better revenue with minimal additional labor on our part. I attribute this to a few things. Implementing your strategy to go “deep” in our marketing efforts in our local community, doing the same ad with better before/after photos of a facelift patient across multiple print and direct mail pieces, and repeating these over a period of time, the age of our practice in the area and the local economy that continues to improve.

The general marketing principles and guidance regarding the location of our practice and principles for future practice marketing and development were sound advice that have proven to be beneficial and true.

Thank you for your practical insight and advice. We still have a way to see the full implementation and effect of all of your input and I am excited to see the results as they unfold!

We have enjoyed working with you and I believe what you offer is unique in the consulting industry for our field.

Any practice, at any stage could benefit from the vast array of consulting information and products your firm offers. we look forward to continuing to seek out your services as we continue to grow!”

Leo Lapuerta, MD – Houston, TX

New Plastic Surgeon Entering the Marketplace in a Very Competitive Area:

“Catherine gave my staff excellent training on how to convert callers to appointments and appointments into procedures. She also showed my staff how instrumental they are in growing my practice and gave them excellent tips on how to network and market me and the practice in the community. I highly recommend working with catherine if you want to save time, money, and hassle trying to figure out this for yourself. Working with her is well worth it.”

Vishal Kapoor, MD – Beverly Hills, CA

Well-established, successful solo-surgeon plastic surgery practice in very competitive area:

“Catherine’s consulting service have paid for itself many times over the investment I made engaging with her. Working with her helped change my perspective of how to run my already successful practice to one that is more streamlined and profitable.

The training she gave my staff was also fantastic. I hear my staff using Catherine’s strategies to close more calls and consultations. They are also taking more initiative to implement the strategies Catherine customized for our practice.

If you have plateaued or if the gaps in your processes are costing you, Catherine can help.

She’s worth every penny.”

Michael Ciaravino, MD – Houston, TX