Do you want to purchase or have a designer rug made?

A modest piece of furniture may quickly improve the overall appearance of a space. A single object may quickly elevate a poor setting to a masterpiece. Custom rugs with logo are may transform your home’s design from drab to spectacular. It might easily make your home d├ęcor an eye-catching aspect that anybody would be envious […]

3D Printing and Medicine – How They Create Amazing Innovations

Ever since it evolved from an early prototype that was nearly abandoned to a widespread marketplace available for any consumer, 3D printing has been helpful in some facet of nearly every domain. Researchers can use it to conveniently form unique designs, clothing manufacturers can both mass-produce whole lines of clothing and prototype more intricate articles […]

Is Three Dimensional [3-D] Printed Furniture Really a Game Changer?

The technology is a tool that can turn the tide. It can change notions and raise the benchmarks. The industrial revolution in the early 18th century triggered many revolutions which resulted in numerous inventions. The last two decades of the 20th century witnessed many technological shifts and innovations. The computer is one such invention that […]

Virtual Assessment Centres

Creative Commons (CC) resources are continuing to increase, from web pages to graphics, to audio and video media. Creative Commons Licensing was started by a Stanford law professor Lawrence Lessig to deal with creative works protected by copyright law, including text, audio, pictures and video of any subject, in any format. The words ‘Commons’ derives […]

How Are You Filling Your Idea Pipeline?

I’ve just been reading a terrific new book called High-Profit Prospecting by my friend and colleague Mark Hunter. Mark is a consummate sales professional, and his book is about how to keep your sales pipeline full so that you never run out of valuable prospects. I’m not a sales professional, but I am an idea […]

A “Basic” Trick to Boost Your Team’s Creativity

Imagine this: There’s a crisis looming in your business. [You: “Why do you have to be so negative?”] [Me: “Fair point. Let’s reset.”] Imagine this: There’s an opportunity looming in your business. [You: “Thank you.”] And now you need your team to come up with creative ideas to best take advantage of this great opportunity. […]