Why Pain Should Be a Salesperson’s Best Friend

“So why doesn’t that prospect buy from me?” Short answer: It’s too comfortable for them not to. There’s always a temptation to stick to what you know. The same breakfast, the same holiday destination, the same terrible broadband supplier. For many prospects, whatever their experience with an unreliable incumbent or an ageing product, they have […]

Why Sales Training Doesn’t Work

Here are two situations that sales organizations frequently face: Situation One: You have an under-performing salesperson. One day, you receive a brochure in the mail for a public sales training seminar. “Aha!” you say to yourself. “This is a quick and easy solution! I’ll just get approval to send Johnny to training and then he’ll […]

5 Tips To Closing More Sales More Quickly

Salespeople are often challenged by not closing the sale and not collecting leads. This challenge is compounded when store traffic is low. Small businesses are faced with high local competition, and increased internet sellers. When you do have a qualified buyer it is imperative you close the sale and do so quickly before you lose […]

Reasons Why Some Sales Training Programs Don’t Work

Sales training programs are organized by companies with the aim of boosting productivity and performance. Unfortunately, sometimes these programs do not always end up delivering the expected results and this can be very frustrating to companies that have sacrificed their resources. Once you decide to take yours sales persons for training programs you should not […]

Sales Call Reluctance and How to Beat It

Sales call reluctance is responsible for why 80% of salespeople fail in their first year; it accounts for 50% of failures in the sales profession and 40% of people who have been in sales for most of their careers think about leaving because they feel call reluctance. These figures are of great concern. One can […]

6 Power Packed Ways to Maximize Your Corporate Event Values

Introducing a power packed entertainer for your corporate event has more value than about any other single training option you can add to a weekend. Let’s talk about how you can increase your value through entertainment options. #1 Sales Training Increasing training values pumped up with references, characterizations, and concepts included in a themed music […]

3 Tips For Prospecting

This article is for all tennis coaches who want to start their own 6 figure private coaching business today. Because no experience coach, should be working for anybody but themselves. Today, we are going to get into prospecting, and why you should be focusing on doing it everyday of the week, until you fill up […]