Job interviews are crucial platforms for candidates to showcase their credentials and convince panelists on why they (candidates) are best-placed to fill advertised vacancies. Despite this, the conduct of interviewees during these important sessions may work against their impressive curriculum vitae. The following are hazards you should avoid if you want a successful job interview:

1. Don’t dress inappropriately

As you prepare for a job interview, remember that you mode of dressing will play a crucial role in determining your success. How you dress on this important day gives people a glimpse into your deportment once you are hired. Your fancy clothes and extreme accessories have no place in that official meeting. No tight or ill-fitting clothes should find their way into the room where you will face the panelists. Leave your revealing clothes for an evening date. Dress decently.

2. Don’t panic

For a few crucial minutes, you will come face-to-face with a group of mortal human beings who will ask you questions about yourself. You don’t need to panic because you have all the answers with you. Remember you will still be alive after the interview. Further, this may be one of the many interviews you are going to attend before you finally find a job. Start getting used to the normalcy of attending these kinds of platforms and expressing yourself before interviewers.

3. Don’t speak too much

It is true that you have the opportunity to blow your trumpet as you compete with other equally able individuals. However, do not appear to lecture the panel or dominate the session with endless and repetitive speeches on what the panelists already know. Talking too much may give the impression that you are trying to cover up some weaknesses. You may even end up mentioning irrelevant issues that may jeopardize your chances of finding a job. Compose yourself, say exactly what you have to say, and when you are done, keep quiet.

4. Don’t interrupt panel members when they are speaking

When some people attend job interviews, they tend to become so comfortable with interviewers that they begin to interrupt the latter. You etiquette and communication skills will be questioned if you cannot keep quiet and let others talk. Irrespective of how much you know and how eager you are to get employed, do not destroy your chances by appearing to be a know-it-all. Learn to listen before you respond if you must have a successful job interview.

5. Don’t lie or present inaccurate information

A formal meeting where you discuss your suitability for a job is the culmination of a long process during which the organization has gathered a lot of information about you. Most of this is contained in your resume and academic and professional papers. Similarly, your conduct and past will be under scrutiny throughout the time you will be employed, in case you pass the interview. Consequently, as you prepare for a job interview remember that the information you volunteer has legal and social consequences.