Introducing a power packed entertainer for your corporate event has more value than about any other single training option you can add to a weekend. Let’s talk about how you can increase your value through entertainment options.

#1 Sales Training

Increasing training values pumped up with references, characterizations, and concepts included in a themed music – cover band – might influence your sales team to remember their sales training better. “Whip It” into shape, might be the theme of the night, with everyone getting red plastic fire hydrant hats to wear for the party. I’m betting the Cover Band will perform Whip It, if you plan it ahead of time.

#2 Keyword Optimized Selling Points

Your newest power packed product has an amazingly great keyword phrase, and you’ve decided to brand your business, the product, and the sales team with this highly recognized keyword phrase. Tell your entertainers to slip it in at every opportunity. Guaranteed, they’ll be reminding your team of powerful selling points, often.

#3 Improving Sales Numbers

Your top sellers might find extra motivation to improve sales numbers if they were given their sales awards during the break for the night’s entertainment. Perhaps one of your entertainers would hang around a bit and present the awards, or mention the most improved sellers during the next set? Do you think your team might work harder to WIN for the next corporate event?

#4 Training Sales Professionals

Include your Top Sales Professionals in the training process, but also add them to the night’s entertainment, by making them part of your corporate training event. If your top sales professional is the class clown, invite him to MC your entertainment, and throw in a few jokes. How about incorporating a few of those top leaders during break times, by letting them share their own version of ‘stand up comedy’ at the microphone. Sales Professionals can often hold their own with a crowd, and they’d better be able to carry a conversation, since that’s their job.

#5 Lead Generation Concepts

High-level professionals often don’t take time out to listen to the latest music, or get familiar with current entertainment trends, but when you add those into a corporate training event, building lead generation concepts into the program with new songs, great entertainment trivia, and next generation leads, the concepts flow. Life gets a lot easier when lead generation becomes a part of the whole conceptual program. Lead your team! Buying highly-targeted leads have power in profit development.

#6 Cold Calling Principles

Those basic cold calling principles always sound better and packed with power when they’re presented as part of a team entertainment skit in front of the whole Sales Network. Invite your best sales reps to put one together for the break between the night’s cover band, and big band shows. Would it be more fun and exciting if your skit included ‘look-a-likes’ from the alternate entertainment section of the Corporate Event?