Sales training programs are organized by companies with the aim of boosting productivity and performance. Unfortunately, sometimes these programs do not always end up delivering the expected results and this can be very frustrating to companies that have sacrificed their resources. Once you decide to take yours sales persons for training programs you should not be very enthusiastic about the result. Below are some of the reasons why some sales training may fail to deliver the expected results.

1. Change is Not An Event But Is a Continuous Process

Change is a bit of a slow process that requires a lot of commitment. It would be of much benefit if you could try other alternatives of improving your sales staff. These include personal motivation rather than sending them out for a training program. Humans need a lot of motivation which needs to be renewed always for the best results. Change will be achieved faster and cheaper if you try alternative methods of employee motivation. You should therefore not count on sales training as the only alternative to improve your sales.

2. Most Programs Are Not Result Oriented.

Most sales training services are offered by people and businesses whose main aim is making money. Most businesses that are not result oriented will go for the idea of maximizing profits by reducing cost. The services offered by such businesses may not be the best quality and your staff may end up not getting any help from these programs.

3. Irrelevant Content In Training Programs

Adults tend to act upon things that they find relevant to them. If the programs you choose for your staff is not relevant to the daily activities their personal lives, you may end up having wasted your resources and time. Relevance speeds up learning, boosts the level of retention and makes learning easier and more fun. If you are considering taking your sales team through a training program, you should do some research about programs that your staff will enjoy. When doing this research, ask yourself the following;

· Can the services be customized?

· Does it entail relevant life examples?

· Is the content related to what your sales team already knows?

· Does the program allow learners to benefit from expertise of other groups?

Assessment of relevance is the golden rule of making sure that the program will succeed.

4. Failure To Adequately Prepare For The Training Program

Before attending the sales training program, you should meet with your sales team to write a draft of desired results from the experience. They should be prepared of what to expect and how they will implement what they will learn. Preparation guarantees good results. If you don’t have objectives for the event, it would not be of any benefit to you.

5. Poor Post-Sales Training Execution

Organizations should be serious about achieving great return from the sales training programs they have organized. The content learned should be integrated into the workplace as soon as the program is done. Failure to completely implement the skills learnt may result in failure of the whole process.

Sales training should be considered as only a single element of the learning process but not the main sales improvement tool. However, a business that has succeeded in improving its services after these training events should consider sending their teams for more programs in order to boost their sales team.