Improving Safety

Placing an IP camera in a classroom is going to improve safety in the classroom. The cameras are there for the child as well as the teachers and administrators. Before a camera is placed inside the classroom, it is very important to make sure that all school staff and parents are notified ahead of time that there is going to be an IP camera in use in the classroom. Many people are going to approve of the cameras but some people may think that you are imposing upon their privacy.

Reason for Cameras

Before you install the camera, it is important to really think out what the real reason is that you are installing the camera. Are you installing the camera to keep everyone safe or are you installing it to snoop on what is going on inside the classroom.

What Happens with the Tapes

Another thing that you need to let others know about the video tapes is what is being done with the tapes. Are you keeping all of the tapes in a secure place? You need to let everyone know what the review process is of the video tapes. You should also let everyone know who is actually viewing and downloading the video tapes.

School Security Taken Seriously

When you install high-tech security equipment in schools, you are demonstrating to parents and staff that the school really is taking the security of the school very seriously. One place to never place a video camera is inside the bathroom at the school because serious privacy issues will occur. You want to keep everyone safe but if the staff walk around the school like zombies and afraid to say or do anything, you really are not doing any good.

Are Teachers in Line with Cameras

Make sure that the teachers are in line with the cameras. You must let them know the camera are in use to keep them safe not because you do not want staff to talk to each other and to unite.

Installing Cameras Will Not Improve Teaching

Installing cameras in the classroom will most likely not lead to the improvement of teaching but it is going to make sure everyone is safe while they are in the classroom. If teachers think they are being evaluated by the use of the IP camera, they may not teach well. The videos can be an effective tool for teachers only if they are in control of how, when and why video technology is used in their classroom.


There are many places to find a variety of IP cameras, such as Amcrest. Installing an IP camera in classrooms is a great way to keep everyone safe but it is very important that everyone knows that they are being taped and what the reason is for the use of the cameras.